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In the following sections, we provide an overview of Photoshop and its capabilities. If you are looking for general, basic tutorials, you will find them in our sister article, 10 Types of Photoshop Tutorials, 1 : essential tutorials for CS5.

A brief look at the Photoshop Tools palette window

The Tools palette window holds all the tools you use to manipulate your image. You might also see the word tools referred to as the right-click menu, or shortcut menu. This tool palette is also found on the Window menu.

This palette can be accessed in several different ways. On the Photoshop screen itself, to get to the Tools palette, click the Window menu on the menu bar at the top of the Photoshop window (as shown in Figure 8-1). Alternatively, you can see the palette by clicking the History button in the upper-left corner of the Photoshop window (as shown in Figure 8-2).

**Figure 8-1:** Click the Window menu to open the Tools palette.

**Figure 8-2:** Click the History button to display the History palette.

You can find additional tools that include the ones shown here, on the Photoshop Toolbox menu, which can be accessed by clicking the Window menu (as shown in Figure 8-3). You can also find other tutorials on the Web that explain these capabilities in more detail.

We also include a side-by-side comparison of the Window menu (left) and the History palette (right) in Figure 8-4. You can see the Window menu expands the Tools palette, and clicking the History button displays a pane for history data and the History palette, which combines all of the tools shown in the left window.

**Figure 8-3:** You can also access the Tools palette from the Photoshop Toolbox menu.

**Figure 8-4:** The history pane for the History palette (right) and the right-click menu (left) from a context menu.

When you open the Tools palette, you see a display similar to the one shown in Figure 8-5. The tools are grouped in numerous categories, and you can also see a menu bar at the bottom of the palette.

**Figure 8-5:** The Tools palette displays a list of all the available tools.

You can open Tools by clicking the tab that displays the Tools palette at the bottom of the Photoshop screen. You can also access Tools from the History palette shown earlier

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Adobe Photoshop is an industry-standard image editing tool. It can be used for everything from photo retouching to web and graphic design. This guide will take you through the basics of using Photoshop for graphics, web design, animation and painting.

What You'll Need

This guide assumes you have either Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements installed on your computer. For you to download the tutorials for this guide, you will need the following:

1. A computer with an operating system based on a modern version of Windows.

2. An internet connection.

3. At least 2GB RAM (mainly for large files).

4. The latest version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements from the time you read this guide. If you have a different version of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop, you will need to take this into consideration.

5. The latest version of Paint.NET from this date.

6. Windows Media Player.

7. Microsoft Office. (We recommend Microsoft Word as it has more of the features and elements required for web design and other digital media projects.)

To achieve the best results for the steps listed below, you will also need to be familiar with how to edit and apply effects to images. If you are new to these, please review the guides listed below first, before continuing to read this guide.

1. Installing Photoshop

Download Photoshop from the Adobe website. Photoshop Elements is also available.

Double-click Photoshop to open it.

Click the “File” menu and select the “Open” option.

A dialog box will open. Click the “Save” option and save the file to where you want it to be saved. We recommend selecting a place in the “My Documents” folder.

Windows users can also download a portable version of Photoshop that can be placed anywhere on the computer.

2. Installing Adobe Photoshop Elements

Download Photoshop Elements from the Adobe website.

Open the program and click on the “File” menu and select the “Open” option.

A dialog box will open. Click the “Save” option and save the file to where you want it to be saved. We recommend selecting a place in the “My Documents” folder.

Windows users can also download a portable version of Photoshop Elements that can be placed anywhere on the computer.


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SelectTop 1 does not work

I use Entity Framework to get some data from database.
Then I use Linq to query the data.
I am trying to get the top 1 record from the database which meets my requirement.
Here is the linq code:
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It always returns null.


The problem is that when you use SelectMany instead of Select, you need to specify the context, which is passed by the surrounding method.
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I am running Spark 2.3.0 and Scala 2.11.8 under Eclipse Oxygen.1a.

When I run a Spark 2.3.0 code snippet in jupyter notebook, I get an exception - probably a scala.Predef exception.

Is this a known issue?
Can somebody please point me to a solution?


This issue is clearly a bug in Jupyter/Oxygen(or my Eclipse's internal updater).
I found that I can solve this by trying to delete the eclipse/jupyter directory - along with the relevant *.ipynb file, any *.aproject file, any *.scala file, and any *.pom file in the project folder. Once the projects directory has been wiped out, installing it again will not reproduce the problem.

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