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AIM Fix Crack Torrent (Activation Code) For Windows [March-2022]

■ AIM Fix is a utility program that has been created to help remove the AIM worm from the systems that are infected with it.
■ It comes as a standalone setup that is able to scan and remove the AIM worm from the infected computer. The program can scan and remove the AIM worm as a standalone application in a simple manner, so the users do not have to follow a complex process to be able to achieve this. This application ensures complete removal of the malicious worm and it also keeps a record of all the detected threats in a log file.
■ The first step of the application is to display a list with all the detected threats, so the user can go through and delete the different malicious files that were detected. After the user had completed this, the application displays a detailed report with the names of all the files that have been deleted. In case a user sees that their system was infected with the AIM worm, he can be asked to run this application again in order to make sure he removed all the traces of the malware.
■ AIMFix is a 32-bit standalone application, so it does not require installation on the computer. This means that there are no special requirements or additional files to be downloaded by the users.
■ This application does not require a log-on credential in order to remove the AIM worm from the computer. It is a completely standalone setup that has been created to remove the AIM worm and it does not require any log-in credential to use it.
■ In order to be able to use this application, you will need to have some knowledge of the command line window. You do not need to have advanced computer skills to be able to uninstall the AIM worm from your computer.
■ When the users launch the application, it displays a list with all the detected threats, and if one clicks on any of the threats, the program will display the details about the threat.
■ AIMFix is a tool created to remove the AIM worm from the infected computers. This does not mean it can remove the virus from the system in case the user was not able to remove it. This is because the AIM worm is stealthy and it is very hard to remove it manually. If a user tries to remove it manually, there is a very high chance that the malware will survive.
■ AIMFix only detects the malicious worm, but it is not able to detect and remove the AIM worm that was in the system before it was downloaded.

AIM Fix Crack+ Free Download [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

- Scanner that scans your computer and emails back suspicious results
- Detects the AIM worm and removes it from your PC
- Detects and removes other viruses such as R2H, CNW-KiND and possibly more!
- Detects email and IM addresses from any Outlook or Outlook Express accounts and blocks their use
- Adds several default and important anti-spyware applications to your Start Menu
- Scans your computer, looking for unregistered and malicious application
- Detects trojan and other potentially unwanted programs
- Allows you to clean your registry
- Allows you to clean the spyware found on your computer
- Easy to use interface
- User-friendly
- Safe and Effective
- Clean your PC to prevent any damage!


Can't Use This Software Unless You Have The Following:
- Real 2.0 version of Outlook
- Outlook Express
- Microsoft Outlook
- This Software will accept a scan-on-demand from the Email portion of Outlook or Outlook Express.

"Eliminate all threats with one software. A tool to
help you clean up your computer from malware, spyware, adware and other malicious threats.
Infected system may cause system slow down and crash, missing files, lose network connection and can become a risk to the personal
Most of the time, removal of malware is not possible manually. Users need to run multiple programs that scan, remove, repair and clean up
the infected system.
Antivirus Pro is a program designed to resolve this problem. This professional edition of antivirus software is a one-stop-shop to
remove all threats without leaving your control.
Antivirus Pro can protect and clean your system from viruses, spyware, Trojans, adware, malicious browser hijacker, suspicious email and
Antivirus Pro can help you quickly check and delete adware and/or malware, protect your system from harmful background processes and
malicious sites, optimize the performance of your system.
Antivirus Pro for PC will help you clean your computer from spyware, adware and other malicious items and clean and optimize the
performance of your computer. It checks if the registry is corrupted and cleans it, and then guides you to clean registry in deep level. And it
protects you by removing temporary files.
A professional antivirus for your computer, Antivirus Pro is not an

AIM Fix Crack + Keygen Free Download [Latest-2022]

More about AIM Fix

With over 1,500,000 downloads and a customer rating of 4.8/5, AIM Fix is an effective Windows tool that removes AIM worms and protects users from sending out malicious links through chat programs.
This product will not only display the complete list of files found on the host computer, but will also scan their contents. If malicious objects are found on the PC, they will be removed, before the user can even check them to see what is going on. It is highly recommended that you run AIM Fix in Safe Mode (which is not the real name of the application), so as to have a complete scan of your system. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can click Finish to change your system settings.
About the author:

The AIM worm is a very real threat to Windows users, and it is hard to detect. This issue was created by an unknown developer in Russia, and it has been detected in over a thousand computers, in over a thousand different versions of Windows. The file is named w32.Aplore@mm.exe and it disguises itself as a file from Microsoft. It resembles Outlook and it uses the same icon and folder options that can be found in the product. However, once it is run, the computer is fully taken over by another, different user.

The main threat of this worm is its use of Internet addresses from MSN, so if a user visits any secure website, that they find in their address book, they will be exposed to this. Moreover, any other website that they might have wanted to visit will also show the victim with a link to AIM, directing them to a malicious file. The name of the malicious file could be something like m3-70d.exe, m3-70e.exe, m3-70f.exe, m3-70g.exe, etc.

The infection is spread using several methods, and some of these are through spam mail and adware. These malicious code download a newer version of itself to the infected computer and then sends messages to all the addresses in the user's address book. However, these messages can also be directly downloaded using AIM, regardless of whether the user is connected to MSN, IRC or via any other program.

Initially, the main threat was detected by only a handful of antivirus applications, but lately, the problem has been corrected. Thus, AIMFix is the

What's New in the?

AIMFix was developed by the leading antivirus software provider ESET, in order to remove this dangerous malware from PCs.
If you are facing a computer infection, you should not hesitate to scan with ESET Smart WebCare to prevent the propagation of the infection to other computers on your network.
AIMFix is a free program, which can be downloaded from the ESET website.

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System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
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Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Minimum System Specifications:
3 GHz Quad Core CPU
Hard Disk: 15 GB space
Video Memory: 16 MB
Setting: Real-time mode

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