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LABELVIEW. LABELVIEW is a software application that allows you to create, print, manage, and view bar codes. This software is an improved version of version 6.
LABELVIEW Software Free Download. LABELVIEW 7.0 is a barcode label management software. Labelview 7.0 supports all the major features and technologies.
Hello, this is Teklynx. We are a team of expert developers working with Java and.NET technologies. Our products are very popular and can be found onQ:

Is it safe to use TCP from Server to Client

I am developing a server using Java which listens on some port and i have multiple clients which connects using Socket.connect(). I have a doubt whether these connections will be simultaneously open or not when server is running on some system and all client are accessing the server at the same time. Will the server work well?


That is a really broad question.
If you're designing a protocol for interacting between two computers the only safe answer is, "It depends."
Do not design protocols that talk TCP. Design protocols that use UDP. If you use a proprietary protocol, check the documentation to make sure that it is safe to use from a timing point of view. Otherwise, just use the standard protocols that are designed to be compatible with those other protocols.

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an electrode for an electric rotating machine.
2. Description of the Related Art
As a stator coil in a conventional electric rotating machine (hereinafter, occasionally called “motor”), a wire having a round-rod shape as a stator coil conductor is sometimes used. For example, a stator coil 100, as shown in FIG. 1A, is formed by winding a wire 101 consisting of a round rod shaped conductor and receiving the wire 101 in a groove 103 provided in a core 102.
FIG. 1B shows a conventional stator coil conductor made of copper wire having a round-rod shape. It should be noted that the conductor has been manufactured by drawing a round rod and a blanking process.
However, when the wire 101 having a round-rod shape is used as the stator coil conductor, a wide space needs to be ensured for forming the wire 101 in a stator core. This causes a problem in that the stat

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