Medion GoPal 6 0PE 93537 Maps Q2 2011 W O Europa [TOP]

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Medion GoPal 6 0PE 93537 Maps Q2 2011 W O Europa

the gopal e3230 is powered by a mt6303+ gsm/gprs modem with 3g capabilities. this has an integrated 1.3 ghz processor and supports gps, glonass, galileo and the european satellite navigation system galileo, along with several other gsm-only services. the device also supports telephony and bluetooth.

the gopal e3230 uses the latest generation hardware with a highly accurate gps receiver to deliver a highly precise position fix. this means that it can determine its position within five metres in all orientations.

the medion gopal 6 0pe 93537 allows you tokeep track of the traffic conditions in the area you are in. the driver,the passenger, and thegps can all use the display, as well as the integrated telephone system. avoice control is provided by the voice recognition system.the medion gopal also features avoice recognition function. simply click to talk to the driver,the passenger or thegps.

the medion gopal 6 0pe 93537 also features ascreen mirroring function. you can connect anyphone to the gps withscreen mirroring. this means you can keep track of your friends'maps at all times. the medion gopal also provides screen sharing capabilities. on your mobile phone, you can use it to download maps of up to 23 european countries.

to updateyour gps for free, the openstreetmap project allows you to download maps and transfer them to your system without any cost. thisopen source softwareis actually a database of free maps, updated by volunteer contributors. the downloaded maps are compatible with different navigation systems. the proposed formats can be installed directly on your garmin gps, for example. for your tomtom assistant , there is the possibility toconvert openstreetmap filesto play them on your gps. however, the process is longer since it requires the installation of a plug-in. in the next two paragraphs, discover the steps that must be followed to do this.

similar to the gopal 6, the gopal 6 0pe is a dedicated gps receiver with a 3.5in, 320x240 touchscreen. this is a high-end model that is in the market for the us. if you live in europe, you will have to wait until next year. with the gopal 6 0pe, the company wants to offer a lightweight, economical gps navigation option that can be used in various applications in addition to personal devices. it comes with a rechargeable battery, and offers 12 months of battery life. thedatabase of openstreetmapcontains more than 800.000 routes. theinstallation of your navigation assistantallows you to obtain information directly fromthe database. you can download the information simply by clicking on the appropriate icon. the download will be fast, as much as it is possible for a database of this size. however, thegraphicsquality is not as high as it is in the official maps. on the other hand, the mapping data is more complete, which is a source ofadded value. you cansave moneybyupdatingyour navigation system. you can do this for free usingthe gps updatefunction on your navigation system. the update allows you todownloadthe latest maps for free. it is possible to selectdownloading toyour navigation system. however, it is better toupdate the maps on your navigation systemdirectly. after the download, yourassistantwill be updated for free. you candelete your mapsanddelete their datawiththe gps updatefunction. there are nolimitationsin this process. you can evendeleteeverything if you want. however, it is better todownload your data fromyour navigation assistant. you will find the icon in the applications menu. 5ec8ef588b

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