Mkv Dts To Ac3 Converter V2 2rar

Mkv Dts To Ac3 Converter V2 2rar



Mkv Dts To Ac3 Converter V2 2rar

Mkv Dts To Ac3 Converter V2 C Dts To Ac3 Converter V2 rar
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Updating a contact's anniversary date to current date automatically

I need to do the following:
How to update a contact's anniversary date to current date automatically.
eg: if the anniversary is on Jan 5 it should check current date and if is today then it should say its anniversary is on current date automatically.


You can achieve this in many ways. The best solution in your case would be create an after update trigger which updates the contact to current date. Here are the steps you need to follow:
Create a new wrapper Class:
public class WrapperContact {
public Contact contact { get; set; }
public DateTime currentdate {get; set;}

Create an after trigger:
trigger updateContact on Contact (after update) {
for (Contact c : {
WrapperContact wc = new WrapperContact(); = c;
wc.currentdate = System.Today();
update c.WrapperContact__c;

Here is the field where you should update:

Update your code to new WrapperContact class

public class WrapperContact {
public Contact contact { get; set; }
public DateTime currentdate {get; set;}
public WrapperContact() {}
public WrapperContact(Contact c) {
contact = c;
currentdate = System.Today();

Create a javascript function to update the contact date using the getDate() method:

function updateDate(){
function updateContact(id){

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