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Competition is one of the aspects that pushes us towards greater achievements. The only way to tell who is winning is through evaluation, which is found in schools as one of the first forms. Based on performance, students receive grades which are kept track of. In this regard, Probot Student Report lets you easily fill in general info to print out at the press of a button.
Can be used on the go
The application is portable, which means you can easily keep it on a removable storage device to use on any machine you plug the USB Flash drive in. Note that you need to make sure that the target PC is equipped with Adobe Flash Player for proper functionality.
Gets the job done in a jiffy
Accommodation takes around a couple of seconds, with the interface being as straightforward as can get. The general layout is fitted with fields you need to fill in according to descriptions next to which they are placed. No restrictions are imposed when it comes to the type of characters you can write down, regardless of the type of field.
The overall process also takes little of your time, for one student, that is. You can't add general info to be processed for more individuals at a time, nor can you import any lists, or any file for that matter. The only requirements refer to school and student name, as well as classes and corresponding grades in both letter and percentage.
Far from being a pro
Sadly, you need to stick to the layout, with a maximum number of six classes and no option to add or remove any info field. This cuts off some degree of practicality, especially because even empty fields appear in the final report.
Once you're done with all data input, hitting “Enter” generates a preview, which practically disables editing in fields and puts the design in a structured form. You can either go back to add more details or fix any mistakes, or go ahead and print the document, which is the only export option.
To sum it up
All in all, Probot Student Report doesn't bring anything new on the block, leaving various features behind in favor of speed. Sure, it only takes a little while from the moment you run the application until the result is printed out, but you are forced to stay within certain boundaries, which has a major impact not only on flexibility, but also practicality.







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Professional School Report That Fits Your Needs
Flexible Report Design
Editable Tables
Data Entry (Text, Graphics, Photo)
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Probot Student Report Crack

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Price: $39.95
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What's New in the?

This is an advanced addon for the Probot Assistant that lets you quickly add multiple entries to a database at one go. It works within the top level application window, displaying any available databases in the order you want them listed.

To make this addon easier to use, it also allows for sorting of records by name or alphabetically. The addon comes with a quick help file to guide you and offers step by step instructions for those who want to add a new entry.


Do you have multiple documents with the same names? If yes, then this addon will help you. This addon can search for any file with similar names and rearrange the order in which it displays in an alphabetical or numeric order.


This addon makes it easy to get the reports you need. You can quickly add a report template and use it to get the report you want. This addon also lets you to easily get reports by using the search box or selecting a range from the range selection option.


Are you looking for a solution that would allow you to keep track of your student grades? This addon can handle multiple students at once. You can easily import a spreadsheet with the grades you need and save it as a template for the next time you want to generate a report.


Are you looking for a solution to view all the files in a directory in alphabetical order? This addon helps you in achieving that. You can easily run this addon from anywhere in the directory path to get to the files in that folder.


Do you need to get to all the files in a folder? This addon can help you. You can easily search for the files in that directory and filter them by name.


Do you find it difficult to import new files or users into the Probot application? This addon makes it easy. You can easily import users by just clicking the import button from any spreadsheet or text file.


Do you need to get a report to a folder? This addon will make it easier for you. You can easily generate the reports to any folder in just a couple of clicks.


Do you need to get a grade report for your class, which is stored in an existing spreadsheet? This addon will make that easy for you. This addon lets you generate reports easily by using the existing excel sheet.


This addon will make it easy for you to keep the Gradebook, the class roster and the grade report all in one place. You can easily add students, keep a list of assignments and generate reports for each student.


Do you want to create a grade report for each student? This addon is perfect for you. This addon will allow you to generate a grade report for each student in a very easy way. You can keep a

System Requirements:

DirectX 9 or later
Windows 7 or later
256 MB RAM
1 GB HDD space
Online play required
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